Hammersmith Club Venue


Comprised in the Lower Mall by Hammersmith Bridge and only one street back from the River Thames you'll find Hammersmith Club Venue. Outstanding amongst others, a nearly fully renovated Hammersmith Club venue stands proud, full of interesting detail and workmanship. Formally known as the Mansion House or Kent House, the newly formed Hammersmith Club has history dating back to 1762.

The unique space of the venue is prime; making Hammersmith Club a great Multi-Purpose Venue for Events, Parties and Receptions. When planning an event at the club you will be immediately aware it is a venue apart.

Events and Parties come in all shapes and sizes and the combination of facilities we have to offer make the club eminently suitable for hire of whatever celebration you have in mind. With our 7x4 metre Stage and VIP Mezzanine area overlooking the dance floor we can offer that little bit more when it comes to organising those Corporate events and Private Functions.

How to find us

Hammersmith Club Venue is located one street back from the Riverside next to Hammersmith Bridge. This Borough’s waterfront stretches from Hammersmith Bridge to Chiswick Eyot. The venue has a mass of History surrounding it making it the perfect place for hire for many a function.

email: hammersmithclub.co.uk

telephone numbers:

Landline 0208 748 5760 or 

Secretaries Mobile 07468 512 022 

Opening Hours

Monday 6pm until 12am

Tuesday 6pm until 11pm

Wednesday 1pm until 12am

Thursday Closed all day.

Friday 5pm until 1.30am

Saturday 12pm until 1.30am

Sunday 12pm until 12am

Last Updated 04-04-24